Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of salmon is it?
We source the highest quality, premium grade, salmon using fresh only Atlantic Salmon and sustainably harvested wild salmon from suppliers that comply with our intensive testing and verification process.We do also offer wild sockeye salmon, trout, blue fish, white fish and steelhead trout.

Where does it come from?
Our salmon is globally sourced and are farm raised in Scotland, Canada, Chile and Norway.

Isn’t farmed salmon colored?
There are no artificial colours added to farmed salmon. They are fed a diet containing nature identical carotene, as this is essential to development of the immune system in the young fish, as well as helping to develop flesh tone.  Carotene is in wild salmon as well as being in multi-vitamins for people.

Do we use genetically modified salmon?
No, we have never used genetically modified salmon.

Is this fish raw?
It is considered raw as it is COLD SMOKED, never exceeding 90°F during the smoking process. Think of it as Scottish sushi.

Does it contain Nitrites?
No, our fish is produced fresh we add no artificial preservatives or flavour enhancers to our fish.

Does it contain Sugar?
No, we smoke in the true Scottish fashion, using only salmon, Kosher salt, and oakwood smoke.

Does it need to be refrigerated?
Yes it does. Make sure to refrigerate the package (colder than 38°F) and consume by use by date. 

What is Gravlax?
Gravlax is the Scandinavian style of curing and preserving salmon. It doesn’t get smoked; it is cured with salt, dill, natural cane juice (sugar), and lemon juice.

Doesn’t farmed fish contain PCBs?
PCBs are found in both wild and farmed salmon. The sad fact is that PCBs can be found in most fish as PCBs are in the environment. We at Spence only source fish from the most pristine waters and regulated fisheries to ensure that our products meet the highest environmental standards.


ATLANTIC SALMON (Salmo Salar): The Genus species of Atlantic salmon. We use only fresh farm-raised Atlantic salmon. This guarantees us the highest quality, and condition of fish for smoking, while helping to protect of wild stocks. 

ALL NATURAL: We use no artificial ingredients or preservatives during any of our production. 

OAKWOOD SMOKE: In the Scottish Tradition we use 100% oak wood. This produces an even, mellow smoke flavour, enhancing the salmon rather than overpowering it. 

KOSHER CERTIFIED: We are Kosher certified under the Tablet-K supervision. 

TRADITION: We take our Scottish roots and heritage very seriously, and because of this hold ourselves to unparalleled standards of quality and excellence.

PRODUCTION FACILITY: We operate from our state of the art smokehouse, using unique production disciplines, controlled by HACCP, and rigorous hygiene standards. This guarantees the highest standards in food safety, without sacrificing authentic Scottish quality and flavour.

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