Brine: Each of our fillets is hand salted.

Dry Brine: A traditional Scottish method of hand rubbing sea salt to each fillet. This method requires a great deal of skill and training to ensure that the time honoured accepted standards of flavour and texture are achieved.


  Dry Brining

Smoking: Spence & Co is revered for its adherence to the Scottish artisanal tradition that has been used for generations.
We use 100% Oakwood that produces an even mellow smoke flavour, and produces a lighter but yet full smoke flavour than fruitwoods such as applewood. Oakwood enhances the salmon, rather than overpowering it.

The outer surface that forms on the fish during smoking is a little drier and smoker than the rest of the fish, called the Pelicule.


Kinds of Smoking:

1) Cold Smoking: This type of smoking produces a moister and more delicately flavoured fish. It is considered uncooked as it is never exceeds 90F during the smoking process. See our Cold Smoke Products

2) Hot Smoking: This fully cooks the fish, producing a flakier, less delicate fish. In this procedure, the internal temperature of the fish will reach 145 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of 30 minutes. See our hot smoked products
  Smoking Rack
Slicing & Packing  

Slicing & Packing
Once the master smoker determines the products is have achieved the perfect balance of smoke and fish; the fillets are cooled to reach ideal slicing conditions.

Each fillet is then carefully inspected by our production staff for imperfections then placed into production. A time honored process ensues depending on the product where our well trained and skilled production team members create our premium finished products.

Skinning, trimming brown meat, removing belly, hand interleaving slices, hand rolling, weighing, packaging, and final quality assurance check; we take pride in everything we do to provide you simply the best and most consistent products on the market.