Spence & Co. Products

Here’s where you'll find our complete line of smoked seafood products. For your convenience we have broken them down into categories. Click on the line of choice to the right and you will get detailed information on each product in our extensive line of exceptional smoked seafoods.

Product categories

For your convenience we have broken our offerings down into four categories. Click on the category of choice and the line of products will appear to the left.

Cold Smoked
Cold Smoked Products
From our Classic Smoked Salmon to Traditional, Nova Lox, or even Gravlax and Pastrami Salmon, you are sure to find something here to entice the most discerning palate.
Hot Smoked
Hot Smoked Products
Some varieties of fish are better suited to hot smoking. Salmon can be equally good when hot smoked, but for others it is the preferred method.
Value Added Products
Value Added Products
With our ready-made line of products you can open the package and plate the product as it is, or add the simplest of garnishes and deliver a truly elegant presentation.
Wild Salmon Products
Wild Salmon Products
For customers partial to wild-caught fish, we offer a line of products specifically tailored to your desires.